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4 Best Art Museums in the World

Art museums are the best place on earth for the lovers of art. It is like heaven on earth for them. Every art lover dreams of visiting the best art museums in the world. If you love art and admire the intricacy and beauty of the array of colors, you must take out time and let your wallet loose.

Following is a list of the best art museums in the world that every art lover should visit – including you.


1. The Louvre, France

The Louvre is one of the oldest and most famous art museums in the world. It is located in Paris, The City of Lights and Love. Originally, this museum was an old fortress that has been turned into a haven of beautiful and eye-catching art pieces. Mona Lisa, the most famous and mysterious art, rests in this Central Paris museum. This largest art museum in the world was opened for the general public in the year 1793. Since then, there have been millions of visitors coming from all parts of the world to admire its beautiful paintings.

State Hermitage

2. State Hermitage, Russia

The next in the list of best art museums in the world is the second largest one located in the city of St. Petersburg. This museum opened its door in the year 1764, which is almost three decades before The Louvre did. Although second in terms of size, in terms of the number of paintings that it contains the State Hermitage art museum is the largest in the world as it houses more than three millions paintings. It also attracts millions of visitors each year with the number being over 4 million people.

Van Gogh Museum


3. Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands

Another attractive place for art lovers is the Van Gogh Museum in the capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam. However, you must be aware that this place is only meant for Van Gogh lovers as it contains only his works. Van Gogh has highly influenced the field of art in the Twentieth Century. His impressive works are famous for beauty, color, and emotion. You can find his iconic paintings like Self-Portrait, Sunflowers, and The Potato Eaters here. It was set up for art admirers in the year 1976.

British Museum


4. British Museum, United Kingdom

One of the most popular and best art museums in the world is the British Museum in London, UK. It opened its door in the year 1759 and since then has been visited by various local and international art admirers. The artifacts available here not only depict art but also human history and culture. Some of the notable artists whose work you can find here are Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Van Gogh. Each year, more than 6 million people from UK and abroad visit this museum.

There are several other best art museums in the world that art lovers must visit. If you want to start your journey of visiting best art museums then you should start from the ones mentioned above. The whole world is left to explore.

Things You Didn’t Know About the ‘Mona Lisa’

We would not be wrong if we state that Mona Lisa is the most popular work of art in the whole world. People all over the world know Mona Lisa as the muse of an Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. This artwork has a lot people curious about who Mona Lisa really was. There are many theories that try to answer the question but the truth still remains a mystery.

Although a lot of researches have been made about the Mona Lisa, the painting, but still there are many things about it that people still do not know. Following are few things you didn’t know about Mona Lisa:

Her real name is not Mona Lisa

Most of the people believe that the woman in the portrait by Leonardo da Vinci is named Mona Lisa. However, that is not completely true. Her real name is Lisa Gherardini and she was married to Francesco Del Giocondo, a wealthy man who loved her a lot. This painting is titled as La Gioconda which relates to the name but is less popular.



Her eyebrows are debatable


The absence of eyebrows on the face of Lisa Gherardini is a point of debate among people. Some people claim that the absence of eyebrows on her face denotes that this was an act of fashion among high class women of that time. Some people on the other hand claim that Leonardo da Vinci did not get time to complete his work of art, hence the eyebrows are absent. The truth is completely different than what is believed among both the groups of debaters. Highly detailed digitalized scans were conducted which proved that da Vinci did paint eyebrows on the face of the pretty lady. However, over time the paint of the eyebrows faded or was gone while the painting was being restored.


She is a heart breaker


Maybe, during her time when she was living Lisa Gherardini broke a lot of hearts when she married her husband. Even today, there are many men over the globe who wished she could be theirs. When Mona Lisa was first put up for public display in 1815 in The Louvre, Paris, there were many men who brought lovely bouquet of flowers for her. Some of them even wrote love notes and poems and presented them to her. Sadly, she is not in the real world. Many men wish if they could get her to sate their love and passion for her.



She had gone missing once


Once in the year 1911, La Gioconda was gone missing which made the whole world, especially the French people, mourn her. It was stolen from the museum where it was kept on display. People were worried about the missing painting. Later on, it was discovered that it was stolen by one of the employees of the museum who was caught when he was trying to sell it off.

There are many other facts people do not know about Mona Lisa. The mysteriously beautiful lady has mesmerized people since several years and will continue to drive men crazy over her beauty for many more years to come.

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